What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Britny Massey and the Star Ranch Family Dental team are committed to providing the highest quality of clinical care and personalized service in a warm and compassionate atmosphere. We enjoy getting to know each patient and the family, and love creating relationships that last multiple generations.

Our Core Values

  • DYNAMIC: Our practice pursues never-ending improvement to obtain excellence.
  • STANDARD OF CARE: We strongly believe in preventive dentistry because it is less invasive and more cost-effective. If prevention is not an option, we strive for conservative dentistry, to improve the patient’s overall health and do what is in the best interest of each individual person in an uncompromising manner.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We exercise great respect and responsibility in abiding by HIPAA, OSHA, and all other guidelines.
  • RESPECT: Every employee is required to treat each team member with integrity and professionalism.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: We are strong advocates of continuing education to enhance the team’s knowledge of modern dental advancements.
  • VOLUNTEERING AND COMMUNITY SERVICE: We strive to visit schools, local events, and charities to promote dental education in our community and to provide dental services when needed.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family. Please contact our Colorado Springs dental practice to learn more about the dental care we provide and to schedule an appointment.

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