Vivo Score Sleep Monitor

Simple, efficient, and comfortable sleep monitoring.

The Vivo Score Sleep Monitor is a portable sleep monitor that patients wear at home while they sleep. It is designed for use in both adults and children.

When the monitor is returned to our office, Dr. Massey can download the information and create a spreadsheet that enables her to inform you what type of sleep you get and whether there is any concern of sleep apnea. The monitor also reads the jaw’s masseter muscle of mastication to let us know if you may be a bruxer or grind your teeth.

The Vivo Score System uses Bluetooth® technology to create a wireless body-area network to maximize patient comfort. It also has a built-in microphone to record high-quality sound. This feature gives us the ability to play the audio along with the other recorded signals, and diagnose possible sleep apnea or snoring.

Depending on the results of your sleep test, treatment may involve an oral device we can custom-design for you, or referral to a sleep specialist for more advanced treatment solutions.

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